1) We will help you establish a listing price for your home by getting a free, no obligation, market analysis done for you.

2) Our Home Sale Assistance Program and Independent Real Estate Broker Network will help you select the most qualified broker so that you can maximize your proceeds in the shortest period of time.

3) Your Household Goods and Automobile will be transported with one of the major van lines such as: United, Allied, North American, etc.. We will monitor the move to make sure that you receive superior service, at a discounted price. Our post move audit can save you thousands of dollars!

1) New Area Information Packages in advance of your first visit will help make your house hunting trip more productive.

2) Mortgage Pre Qualification will help establish a budget for your new home.

3) Our Independent Real Estate Broker Network will allow you to work with an agent that is best suited to help you find the right home.